Using DMARC to Secure Your Online Brand in 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ted Sirisewakun
Can we have access to this webinar afterward?
Kara Cassidy
Yes, a recording will be sent out afterward.
Shannon Guy
will you be able to share the video once the webinar is over?
Kara Cassidy
Yes, the recording will be sent out afterward.
Javed Ellis
Hello room
Kara Cassidy
Hello Javed! Thanks for joining us!
Javed Ellis
Hallo , Hei Kara
Bob Adams
Hi All, please feel free to continue to submit questions - we look forward to answering them at the end of today's presentation!
Valeri Baldwin
one categorization was authorized not compliant? seems contradictory
Matt Storms
What specific actions could we take if an unauthorized sender is sending from our domain? Like in your China example.
Kenneth Hall
We started down this path some time back and discovered there are MANY companies that still don’t even have SPF configured correctly, much less DKIM. How can this be improved without tasking our IT team to reach out to these companies to help them correct their issues so that you can progress to effective use DMARC to block and not just monitor.
Craig Mohr
What about using DMARC with Mimecast + 365? How can this be done since this is a 2 hop and Microsoft seems to think this is a "bad idea"
Rick Velthuijsen
Hi Valeri! It could be that an authorized source (i.e. Salesforce) is authorized to send on your behalf, but not yet correctly authenticated with SPF and DKIM. These sources we categorize as authored not compliant, in other words legit but not set yet.
Valeri Baldwin
thanks. that makes sense.
Rick Velthuijsen
At first not much. When you go p=reject, all these senders will be blocked.
Brian Voves
Is mimecast dmarc only offered as a managed service?
thomas Dorsey
Would you mind providing some examples of what can be done with the API?
Rick Velthuijsen
Hi Brian! Both unmanaged (software only) as with additional services.
Danny Hoogeveen
@thomas.If you're interested in this, you can connect with us after the webinar and we will be able to provide you with the documentation.
Valeri Baldwin
given the value of DMARC, why wouldn't companies deploy it?
Tamara Hammonds
How do we reach you?
thomas Dorsey
will do. thanks
Danny Hoogeveen
Hi Valeri. It could be time consuming to start your DMARC project. Doing it yourself can be really overwhelming. We can offer Managed Services which will reduce the time to spend on DMARC deployment with 80%.Other than that I believe that each organization should have a DMARC reject policy in place, which in our opinion will become the standard for each organization.
Danny Hoogeveen
Hi Trenton,What do you exactly mean? Please let us know
Tamara Hammonds
We actually have it implemented in our organization and it does its job... We are currently building it out as needed.
Daniel Holbein
we currently use mxtoolbox what is advantage to switch
Tamara Hammonds
( work for an EMC in Marietta GA
Gary Slinger
Can you reply to people directly rather than to all users in the chat?
Brian Voves
I know this is a little squishy, just trying to make a case for the managed service. The 3-10 months project timeline, does that lengthen without the managed service? Also, do you have customers that start trying to do it on their own and then buy the managed service? I would expect that to lengthen the implementation time.
Shannon Guy
can you provide a ballpark figure on the cost of the managed services if we currently have gold support?
Craig Mohr
I'm confused how he is stating he can see what emails others are sending on their behalf. How can you see this if the mail is not routed through your servers?
Danny Hoogeveen
Reaching out to us can be done with a quote request or via your account manager
Ragesh Gopinathan
we deal with a lot of external DL's hosting our users (and those lists have other external domains)...it drives spf lookups nuts...and a pain to manage. I assume it's the same with dmarc?
Tamara Hammonds
oh ok, thanks. I was thinking to reach you directly about this webinar but yes.. thanks
Valeri Baldwin
Thanks. Absolutely agree...needs to be a standard. To Dave's point, email is a mission critical function and is huge to protecting your company's brand
thomas Dorsey
Re: DMARC outbound. Are there gaps - specific regions, ISP limitations, etc.?
Craig Mohr
How feasible is DMARC when you use a service that sends emails on your behalf to thousands of customers from public remailer services?
Brian Voves
This is really good guys. I am new to DMARC. This is very helpful. Great panel, great discussion, great to hear from a customer as knowledgeable as Dave. Thank you!
Andy Robbins
I definitely want to show this webinar to my team - will the recording be automatically emailed to everyone who signed up?
Kara Cassidy
Hi Andy, yes a recording of this webinar will be sent out afterwards!
Andy Robbins
Rick Velthuijsen
Hi Craig! These sources can provide you with customized SPF and DKIM authentication setups. So that is possible!
Danny Hoogeveen
Hi Kevin,
Danny Hoogeveen
Yes we will be able to help you with this, that's why we have the Managed Services in place.